Elle se trouve en face de la cafeteria 

La table de LUCAS BALBO est trés variée ....

Our table is in front of the cafeteria.
les DVD's zones 0,1,2

Lucas & Merrill

site :   http://artclips.free.fr

GREETINGS 2008 ! Here are some highlights of what we will be bringing to the fair this year:

Sony DSR11 DVcam- plays & records
PAL and NTSC (for DVcam and Mini DV !)



The recent collection of Spaghetti Western DVD's from Wild East Productions.

> A library of rare photo books from the 1950ies-80ies which we will bring samples of.
> A large collection of French Lobby Cards

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We have more great stuff than we know what to do with!
Write or skype us if there is anything you're looking for.
For example, we have a collection of laser disks for sale, but we may save the table space for other things, so don't hesitate
to send a request!
2008 - Cinglés du Cinéma
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