After thousands of years of solitude and silence... Elektra is back on the scene with a contemporary sound. Originated from the land of amber, old traditions and never-ending legends, Elektra would rather go into hiding in absolute anonymity than to obey the newly established patriarchal society where she was entirely subordinate to her father and husband and had to give up her rights as a woman.
Elektra is the daughter of (nowadays retired) goddess Tethys and her father is no one less than sea god Oceanus, which makes Elektra a true Oceanide. Elektra has always lived on the shores of great seas and oceans, which explains her love-hate relationship with the creative and destructive characteristics of water found throughout her work.

During her long underground period Elektra has studied music, literature, dance and art. She had also a great laugh while reading the books by Euripides, Sophocles and Aeschylus. Their books still remain her favorite pastime when the weather is against her.
Elektra is a complete woman and artist: she is
Virgin and Mother, Creator and Destructor, The Frivolous and The Wise, Lover and Wife. These qualities remain strong weapons which not always work in her favor. Especially when other representatives of the female sex seem to have the urge to involve themselves in Elektra’s personal business...

But despite that, Elektra keeps using all those different assets of her personality in her creative process. Sometimes she may seem a little girl in need, other times - a cold blooded murderer. That’s why Elektra should never be called an angel or a devil. It’s simply too unilateral and narrow-minded.
Nowadays Elektra is busy ‘coming-out’. She has not only performed at various theatres across the country, but was even asked to perform at museums.

The time has come to relieve the overloaded branches from it’s juicy ripened fruit. Elektra’s best-friend Artemis gives her wise advice from time to time and she has even suggested Elektra’s current manager. (Aside from all above mentioned Elektra is completely and absolutely fed up with her status of anonymity and her bank account being constantly overdrawn).

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