kitchen                   -                dining                    -              guestroom  /foldout bed/   study


  Our room is at the top of the stairs....   
       Enter my studio....

       Next door is a full bathroom.....


            bird's eye view of the yard

       "OH BOY, the garden...."





               ARE MY SPIDERS ON DRUGS ?


The trees have crewcuts here!

                  JOINVILLE -  LE -  PONT
   There is a bike path around the Marne River, and we have 2 bikes....

      The name of this town, Joinville-le-Pont, comes from this bridge over the Marne             Bowling on the boardwalk....        

The express train is a few minutes walk from our house.                              Aunt Lilly's Haunted House of Teabags >






Coffee break in the attic - insulation is almost done!

Welcome to our place