Quentin Crisp, Spider Wider , Emily XYZ
and Joe Morton participate in the
perfect kiss and tell.

This tango of thought and emotion begins with the precise confidences of author/raconteur Quentin Crisp, who first captured the public's eye with his autobiography "The Naked Civil Servant". In amusing
contrast to Quentin are the exotic popisms of rock personality Spider Wider , lyricist and percussionist for the South African group Via Afrika. New York poet and performer Emily XYZ expresses the "alphabet city view" with a razor edge. Joe Morton , first seen as the "Brother Frpm Another Planet" lends a thesbian's perspective.

Running Time 28 minutes "PLUS", part of a trilogy with the full running time approx. 120 minutes.

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" Following an intense experience of working on a film promoting safer sex guidelines and practices,
I became so conscious of wrapping things up to be safe that I wanted to build a cacoon. At my next party, I wrapped up some friends in saranwrap and filmed them kissing each other while breathing through hidden straws. It was a very funny experience. Then I refined the scene with 2 actors and continued working on the imagery. Forty questions about kissing and responses by Quentin Crisp were the verbal backbone of the film. Quentin's words, like music, bear repeated listening which makes this film a timeless treasure.

"Thought-operas" featuring the
extraordinary viewpoints of

Quentin Crisp,
Robert Anton Wilson,

&   Dr. John Lilly

in a rich counterpoint with artists, actors and activists engaged in the search for freedom and truth. Thought provoking, humourous, and very repeatable.