lyrics & song by Howard Devoto
Thunder shook loose hail
on the outhouse again
Today I bumped into you again
I have no idea what you want
But there was something I meant to say
As the day stops dead at the place where we're lost
I will drug you and fu** you on the permafrost

There's not much that I miss ... I'm far too forgetful for that....

performed live at Hurrah, 1980   video: Merrill ALDIGHIERI  

is a layer of soil just below the earth's surface that stays permanently frozen. Approximately 20% of the Earth's land mass is covered by permafrost or glacial ice. Measurement of the depth and extent of permafrost may be an indicator of global warming. Recent years 1998 and 2001 have seen record thawing of permafrost in Alaska and Siberia.