Featuring :

actor Steve Buscemi

author-futurist Robert Anton Wilson

theoretical physicist Michio Kaku

poet Margaret Randall

and spy novelist Brian Freemantle

A philosophical flume ride through the physical, political and moral borders that inhibit free movement of people and ideas. Mixing commentary, computer graphics, dramatisations, and investigative journalism, "BORDERS" probes the unsettling paradoxes behind immigration, drugs, Star Wars, emotions, logic, and perception.

Directors notes: The fictional scene in this documentary had several motivations for it's creation. The story incorporates some anecdotes which an anonymous person did not want to be known for. I was looking for a way to "objectify subjectivity" to play with the borders between"truth" and "fiction". Personally, I think truth would be better served if we could better articulate our individuality in the fact gathering and expose, advertise the bias instead of pretending to be objective.

Wanting to explore these biased anecdotes which colored my own perceptions gave me a good reason to embark on my first collaboration with actors. Until then I had directed mostly friends and musicians.

In this case, Steve Buscemi was an actor I had admired from his first film "Parting Glances", and met him
after performing in one of his wife Jo Anders experimental theatre pieces. The co-star in this scene, Ray C. Wright, was also a talented writer and actress who performed and produced her own theatre pieces in NY. She was also a savy political activist who organised people to buy stock in companies they wanted to influence so they could attend stockholder's meetings and gain closer access to the decision-making process.