NOTES : This won an EMMY award for Best Documentary of Cultural Significance in 1992.

With each of these three documentaries there is an architecture in my mind. With "Kissing Booth, it is an enclosure, a room. With "Borders", it is the frame, and breaking out of the frame. In "Metaphoria" it is the bridge.



Scientists and Shamans explore the mysterious processes of the brain during consciousness, altered states and dream states in a poetic dance of ideas.

Dr. John C. Lilly (inventor of the isolation tank and pioneer in Human-Dolphin communication), Prof. Marvin Minsky (cofounder of MIT's Artificial Intelligence Lab), Prof. Richard Bolt of MIT's Human Interface Lab, Native American Sam Sapiel, and computer poet Michael Newman collide with computer animation and physical metaphors.

"Metaphoria" examines the frontiers of communication and the role metaphors play in the cognitive process, and shows how metaphors pervade thought in science, poetry, religion and culture.

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