Some children count license plates on long car trips -- Luther counts dead bodies. On a desparate car trip north, Mother and son leave a trail of blood and candy that stretches to a decadent and mysterious seaside resort: MOTEL BLUE 19. A gothic fairy tale of carney madness, it is based on an original stage play by Edgar Oliver, which premiered at La MaMa Theatre in 1991.
Shot in 16 mm with an original soundscore by Frederick Reed IV, it sets the stage for a feature film project. The screenplay was optioned by veteran independent producerBen Barenholtz ("Barton Fink", "Miller's Crossing", "Georgia", and "Requiem for a Dream"). The feature version was never realised yet. Edger Oliver, a prolific playwrite, continues to write provocative masterpieces for the stage, page & screen.
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