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Lou Castel interviewed by ARTCLIPS for a DVD of Wild East Productions
computer-hand-colored rare photo of ape and cave woman
computer-hand-colored photo-Convoy de Femmes (click on the image to enlarge)
Lucas Balbo after interviewing Lou Castel.


- pour le français

My archives cover world cinema, but I specialise in"B-Movies". In france we call it Cinéma Bis*, low budget films, often in genres like Horreur, Spaghetti Western, Kung Fu, etc.

After the B-Movies come the "Z-Movies", such as the films of Ed Wood. These naive low budget films are often very personnel, while others immitate the big Hollywood films but translate the themes for a local audience.

There are sometimes several co-producers, and co-productions between different countries. The cohesive storing of elements is not always maintained much longer after the first release of the film.

Decades later, it is quite a challenge to re-assemble the elements, the picture, the sound, the promotional illustrations.

Thanks to the debut of the DVD, collectors of these ephemeral films are joining to restore and re-release them to the public.

I help with the location and identification of elements, and produce documentaries and interviews with those participants we can find who have a view to share, a story to tell.

Napoleon retouche
R E T O U C H 


* the word "bis" in french was originally used for the name of a street or building that was the small extension of a primary destination.














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boutique bis

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