A philosophical flume ride through the physical, political and moral borders that inhibit the free movement of people and ideas. Mixing commentary, computer graphics, dramatisations, and investigative journalism, "BORDERS" probes the unsettling paradoxes behind immigration, drugs, Star Wars, and other topics.

Director's note:
I had several motivations for designing the fictional scenes in the documentary. The story incorporates some anecdotes which were requested to remain "off the record". Fiction offered a way to consider themes and also objectify subjectivity, playing with the borders between truth and fiction while making a point not to blur the line.

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This was my first collaboration with actors. Until then I had directed mostly friends and musicians.

I admired Steve Buscemi from his first film "Parting Glances", and met him after his performance in an experimental theatre piece directed by Jo Anders. Mark Boone Jr. who plays a scientific collegue in BORDERS was at this time a frequent collaborator with Steve and appeared in many off-Broadway original pieces they wrote together. Ray C. Wright, the female lead in BORDERS is also a talented writer - producer. In addition to her artistic endeavors, her innovative activisim involving the purchase of stocks to work within the system for change was very inspirational, and taught me something about playing roles in real life too.

Featured in BORDERS:
Featuring : 
Robert Anton Wilson

theoretical physicist
Michio Kaku

Margaret Randall

spy novelist

Brian Freemantle

actor Steve Buscemi
actress Rae C. Wright
actor Mark Boone Jr.

Mark FOLGER , Geoff LEE,   Richard LEIGHTON,
1st Woman Sec' of Commerce- Juanita KREPS
Deputy Chief Patrol Agent- Gustavo de la Vina
Hacker- John DRAPER  aka  Captain Crunch