Extract from "Desire"     TUXEDOMOON concert rehearsal,          2004 / Fiorenze   


Extract from "An Andalusian Dog " by Dali-Bunuel, covered in an animated *tv cozy for the squeemish. For info on the film click here.
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Extrait de "Un Chien Aldalou" de Dali-Bunuel, edité pour le faible de coeur. Pour plus d'info, cliquez ici.

*tv cozy was a homemade decorative cloth cover used to protect the television set when it was not in use. The television was invented and sold to the public more than a year before any programs existed. People kept the tv covered til they would be able to use it, trusting that one day there might be a broadcast. The name "tv cosy" is a derivative of the "tea cosy", a decorative dress that covered the teapot to keep it warm.