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THE GUN IS LOADED: 37 minutes, stereo THE GUN IS LOADED: 37 minutes, stereo
In this film, Lydia Lunchs' one-woman performance at Franklin Furnace in Soho breaks out of the theater and explodes across the Gotham City. 1988 in all its bustling decadence, punctuated by the punk prose and guest appearances by Emilio Cubeiro and Michael Buscemi.
The deranged music of J. G. Thirlwell sets the framework of what is intended as an album of vignettes. Cathartic and gut wrenching critique of self, society, and species. "It's the American dream machine turned mean.”

1 hour 30 (including bonus clips.)

This video follows Lydia Lunch on a tour of France with highlights from each concert, plus rare on-the road footage. Each performance is accompanied by live music score by composer JOE BUDENHOLZER & horn player TERRY EDWARDS (from ¨MADNESS¨) durring their travels to MARSEILLE, LYON, EVREUX, & NANTES. Interviews with press discuss the french debut of her book PARADOXIA.

BONUS CLIPS- Headless Angel (Lydia reading in Pere Lachaise Cemetary, Road Rant trailer, Van interview complete