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This film will describe the relationship of culture, civilization and history through science. Kevin Kling had the privilege to accompany several French-Chinese Geological Expeditions across the biggest earthquake fault on the planet in one of the most remote & inaccessible parts of Western China. Her journey follows the path blazed by ancient caravans who carried luxuries over thousands of miles, hundreds of years.

As the scientists investigate the landscape, one can understand how life began here, and why it continues to flourish in such a forbidding space. We will witness through their perspective, their daily explorations as they struggle to achieve their reach, to measure,and to date an active fault which is constantly redesigning the landscape of Asia due to giant Magnitude 8 earthquakes, the traces of which can be seen for centuries as permanent scars across hills and valleys.

Nowhere on the continents of the Earth, have the forces of Nature contributed so much to shape the environment so fast.
The Kun-Lun Mountains are rising 50 centimeters per century while the debris eroded from them pile up in the Taklamakan,
trapping vast reservoirs of natural gas and oil. To the south, Tibet is chased away at the rate of 2 centimeters per year along the Altyn Tagh Fault.
A powerful interaction between relief and climate, orchestrated by the glacial ages, has led to the rise and fall of vast lakes in the desert. Today fierce winds, driven by the tremendous Tibet Plateau Monsoon weather "machine" ("Karaburans") are strong enough to lift stones!

Illuminating the geological facet of our story, is the parallel story of the Uygurs, descendants of the original inhabitants of the Taklamakan Desert. Thanks to the traditions they have carried and passed on from generation to generation, the secrets of their ancestors; silk-making, carving & trading jade, the elaborate creation of wool & felt carpets, can be witnessed today. As author of this film, Kevin Kling spent many months living with the Uygurs, and captured a wealth of detailed and intimate footage to convey not only the methods, but the joy and the rhythm of their lives.