Uygur Cuisine :
Chinese Spaghetti


Making long-noodle pasta &   raviolis, Uygur style :
When we think of the Chinese diet, we think of rice, but did you know that in north and western China they mostly eat noodles? Of course, it was Marco Polo who brought the wonders of spaghetti and ravioli to europe, but it had already been a staple in the Uygur and Chinese diet for millenniums!


- glacier-ice cream  
- pomegranate juice
- "kebab" stands     
- "Nan" made in special ovens.


and additional scenes of life with the Uygurs....

- Traditional Uygur Architecture

- School children build, brick by brick, their own school.

- Mosques & prayer scenes,

- Examples of Uygur art: fresco paintings

-Uygur Night Life at a local "disco"

- Felt & wool carpet-making

- Sheep herders

- Harvest scenes : cotton, grapes & corn

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