BACK the motherload of images, soundclips, video samples, concert and sales info, in english and italian. Official Tuxedomoon page. Excellent organization of discography and pertinent links. Official recordings on review and for sale. Concert info. And all things crammed. Official site of Steven Brown's group NINERAIN. In english and russian, this site is an independent record company based in St. Petersburg with lots of interesting spin-offs from the Tuxedomoon members. Not only are the range of products impressive, but their packaging is a beautiful thing to behold. The new NINERAIN cd (with Steven Brown), the new MICRODOT cd (Luc Van Leishut & Bruce Gedildug) and a double live album from TUXEDOMOON's recent concerts in Russia are each one in it's way, a fabregé egg. for TUXEDOMOON & NINERAIN concert bookings.

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Early version of a menu graphic for the DVD.
Version original d'un menu pour le DVD.