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PYLON live at HurrahMichael Lachowski, Vanessa Briscoe Hay, Randy Bewley

The engineers tried different ways to make stereo video recordings from the line feed of the mixing board, and when we did 2 camera shoots I sometimes recorded from a live mike in the room as well. I learned alot from the engineers, and the club had some really good ones.
now on DVD
The sound system in the club was exceptional,
and live records were often released from club performances.
The nightclub impresario Jim FOURATT influenced the owners to invest in that state-of the art sound system and these video recordings definitely were graced by that.
now on DVD
For the 30 year aniversary I have prepared a handmade DVD of this 48 min. SNAKEFINGER concert which was performed on October 29, 1980.


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The first full feature completed for DVD is with Tymon Dogg. I revisited Tymon in London to see what new groups, inventions, and songs he has made since the first time I met him onstage at HURRAH and put it together with special guest appearance by Mick Jones of the Clash and other surprises.

Snakefinger, Philip Lithman
Philip Charles Lithman, SNAKEFINGER   - -
Bush Tetras
Cynthia Sley

Merrill shooting the Modetts at Hurrah, 1980