Sarah Salir
was the new music nut,

we developed a weekly party to celebrate
new indie record releases. A camera showed
the sleeve of each new disc on Sara's turntable.

Producers and bands were invited for free beer and
had their discs debuted. This simple and effective presentation left me little to do.
Sarah suggested why don't I dance?

Anita Sarko was
bigger than life.

Dressed li
ke a cross between Cruella DeVille and Marie Antoinette, she had a sense of humor and flair for the eclectic. Anything from Reggae to Rat-Pack could land on her turntables. Anita raised Djing to the level of opera or grande gignol, it was eloguent, witty, playful, impressive.




Jeff shared his extensive knowledge of new music, acquainting me with the bands that were coming to the club, and turned me onto a lot of music that was not ordinarily played in a dance club. In fact, people did a lot less dancing when Jeff was at the turntables, and this made things kind of interesting.

Geoff Brown was a D.J. who specialized in ambient goth music, often blending the fade from one disc to the next in an extended seamless limbo that transcended both discs to make a third. Jeff's mixes were more like soundtracks that transported us into a fantastic film noire one minute, an exotic thriller the next. You felt like you were an android in BLADE RUNNER or a lost soul who did not need anything but music to find your way anywhere.
Bill Bahlman-DJ

As he moved the tempo up and up, it became like a sporting event to see who would collapse first. People sensed this challenge and ran with it. Finally they would surrender, run to the bar, drink as fast as they could and return for more torture. The club owners loved Bill.
Brother of Ed Bahlman who founded
99 Records, Bill never had a problem
finding things to spin.

created a marathon atmosphere on the dancefloor
. He liked controlling the pulse of the crowd.


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The night M
AGAZINE played
the DJ Jeff had me primed with their hits,
and I was beside myself with anticipation.
Wrangeling the 90 foot video cable into place
around the very packed crowd kept me too busy
to worry about much else. Seconds before
the curtain parted, to make more space for themselves
the crowd pushed me off my podium onto the stage.
As Les announced the group,
the black velvet parted and I found myself literally
inches away from the lead guitar player.
I had to quickly work out a way not to be skewered.
The lead singer, Howard Devoto was intoxicating at close range.
Maybe that's not the word, it was more high-voltage
than intoxication, but to say electrifying sounds too corny.
The piano player brought tears to my eyes,
he was fantastic. His name is
Dave Formula.


Psychedelic Furs

Until arriving at this club,
I was not tuned into the new music scene,
and I got some "on the job training" from the D.J's.