Musings from the author of Tuxedomoon/Seismic Riffs....

In art school when I lived with a painter, I marvelled at the lost worlds in each layer of her canvases as she made her paintings ...incrustations of precious oil, characters, stories, fantasty worlds that would cover each other like generations from Pompeii. This documentary is a little like that. Each layer could tell it's own story. Together they form something specific, but their elements are beautiful too if you like things in a raw state as I do.


The documentary focuses on the creation of the music of "Cabin in the Sky", and the relationship of the collaborators. One thing I was interested in was playing with the change in audio dynamics from room to room, empty or full, the sonic variations in a song as it moves from creation to performance. It is, more than anything, an "ear diary".

The final authoring includes optional french subtitles. There is an english transcript available.

Yours truly,


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C.V. (english)

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CV english
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