Now with 6 hours to savour the full charm of the Charles de Gaule airport I started my photo journal.

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I finally caught up with Edgar Oliver who is so busy with plays, performance, and writing that we often miss each other.

Edgar presented Lucas and I with his latest book which we are taking turns reading. If you ever have a chance to hear Edgar live, don't miss it. He has a voice that is otherworldly and thought images that are poignant, funny, euphoric.
Collette's opening
chinatown, ny
April & Lucas joined me in NY. We made a bee-line for Chinatown.
family inspiration...
Kathy K. brought us to the art closing of Collette.
Sylvia Miles was radiant about an imminent publication of her writing in Paris.
"Hugh's navel"
great shakes
Collette greeting the Countess.
did you know cats could read upside down?
bought a new camera

While in town I visited B&H to pick up the new Sony Hi-def camera that does Pal & NTSC, my personal insurance policy that all my resources would not be spent in the pursuit of old unfinished business, but would in part be dedicated to creating new unfinished business!

L to R: The Countess, Kathy K., Sylvia Miles
dad's gardian angel
He brought me to the Jersey shore for a cosmic encounter.

and lo, from out of the heavenly acoustic tile an angel doth spake:

"Peter, thou shalt master thy mouse and commence to write great correspondance over the web, and a chorus of google shall be your guiding light.

Thou must resist the devil who will present himself as a free absolutely free offer in many disguises to lure you into the spam of iniquity.


i-pod twins
lucas goes shopping
i-pod siamese twins
Merrill Aldighieri, 2006
He brought me to his favorite clip joint...
Here was my "New York office"... a cybercafe in the east village
Richard told us he was eloping with Daniel to Boston on Memorial Day Weekend!

for a stroll in Brooklyn
We followed Bill Hellfire...
For a change of scenery, I went to visit dad.
Stashing my raincoat in the stowaway bin, I tested infinite ways to slumber on the way home while keeping my seat belt visible and buckled.
the end.
Lucas went on a photo safari...

We speant a few days in dad's trailer, I taught him how to do e-mail and surf.

Here is a sample of Peter's new cd...
This book is available online at Goodie


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many nose-printed windows later I arrived....
Then we subbed to "Little Chitaly" (my name for the neighborhood where Chinatown has eaten Little Italy.)

..."thou shalt not bow down before any graven images"....

but if you want to buy a few anyway, we won't stop you.