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I am developing a tangential non-narrative form I call "SURF-TRAILS". It is simply to find weblinks and organize them into web journeys, an annotated surfing journal or diary.

The theme I am working on now is interconnectivity. Here are the first links:

THE 1000$ PAGE



The first link to the 1000$ PAGE features a contest for personal web pages. The success of this site is that it creates something new like a collage does, using original works of other authors as it's building blocks. The integrity of the original pieces are still intact even as a part in this new context.

The second link for Fusionanomaly was the first website I ever found that really pushed the limits of the simple hypertext potential.

The third link to the UNCYCLOPEDIA is not only endless fun, it is an excellent illustration of "truth vs. fiction" in the media, and is a hilarious spoof on virtuel syndromes.

The following  DIGEST of DAILY WEBW@VE TOPICS is t he first SURF-TRAIL I made for my Webw@ve experimental cyberlab in Holland. A theme of water is the undercurrent of the idea to explore cultures real or mythical, swallowed up by water and perhaps re-emerging. Each day the public was presented these links to explore together and we discussed what we found.






René Magritte "Song of Love" 1964





Ryder animation





Thanks to all the sites
who graciously  participated!


"New Atlantis" link    

"Greek Mythology, the Lotus Eaters"  link 1   link 2

"sound waves, sound pollution in the ocean" link

"water music" link    "the isolation tank" link

"mermaids, mermen, & dolphins" link  

screening: "Metaphoria" with Dolphin / brain pioneer Dr. John Lilly 




15 : "pirates" link >  "sea vampires " link >

16 : "Atlantis, utopias lost & found" link 1  link 2  link 3  link 4

17 : "drowning" link 1   link 2

18 : "clean drink"  link1    link 2

19 : "the remora sucking fish & the 17th century Dutch writer Roemer Visscher" link 1>    link 2>



22 :  "waterfalls"  link

23 : "water laws" The Kyoto Protocol" link

24 :  "water systems" link

25 : "lunar tides" link

26 :  "water in outer space" link



27 : "water torture, water therapy" link     link 2

28 :  "underwater birthing" link

29 :  "water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink".... the business of water link 1   link 2   link 3

30 : water paintings Ryder animation